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   7 Star Service for butlers - not just a formula, a feeling. 


7 Star Service? What does that really mean? I have been in the service industry for long enough to know something about service. In my book Achieving Excellence in Guest Service, I offered help in trying to identity just what service means. It is probably, like the word love, one of the hardest things to describe, thus throwing up the opinion that it is just as likely to be one of the hardest things to give and not necessarily the easiest to receive in a gracious way.........................


Service is an exchange. One person has something to offer that the other person requires, whether it is being shown to your suite and having all the features explained to you, to having your more unusual requests fulfilled whilst you are staying at the hotel.


We have 1 star upwards of standard of hotel or accommodation, so should service have the same star standards? Well, I always thought that service was service regardless of the star standard of the hotel or resort.


Recently I have updated my thinking on this, perhaps there should be a star service, quite separate from standards, for service.


Around the world, I have experienced different levels of service, at different levels of hotels, interestingly, the so called star standard of the hotel has not been matched by the level of service. Many 5 star operations fail, partly because of the mindset of the service provider and partly due to the lack of training, not just practical skills but intellectual skills.


Often times I have been in a 3 star hotel as a guest, only to find that the service standard is both exemplary and sincere. I use that last word carefully, sincere, do many people really know what it means? I think not, sincerity comes from the heart, if you have to really think about being sincere, then you are not.


An over - inflated ego-driven attitude by some service staff in top hotels around the world has been their downfall, often caused by a distinct lack of sincerity.This intimidating behaviour leads to a degree of guest 'uncomfortability'.


Service staff who really understand sincerity and their guests's expectations shine through and have a unique ability to create an atmosphere in which the guest can relax.


Guests want to feel comfortable, enveloped in guest care that comes from the heart, and not the pocket.


to be continued

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