Asia Butler Academy 

   7 Star Service for butlers - not just a formula, a feeling. 

Frequently asked questions........

Q. I have no butler experience, does that matter?

A. Any hospitality experience such as silver service or housekeeping or Front office will stand you in good stead along with any time spent in hotels or restaurants. There are usually entry level positions available for butlers in other department,  but you would greatly increase your chances with some knowledge of 7 Star Service with a relevant certification.


Q Where are the programs held?

A. All our programs are run in a lovely 4 Star hotel – Majestic Grande Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 2, Bangkok  The hotel offers excellent conference and meeting facilities, the Asia Butler Academy combines using a meeting room along with a suite in order to be able to deliver professional programs.

Q. Is Wi fi available at the hotel location?

A. Yes free wifi is available to all in-house guests. Students are, however, respectfully requested to switch their phones to silent throughout the program, in order not to disrupt other students.


Q. Can I stay at this hotel or are there other options?

A. Yes, the program price does not include accommodation, but there are many less expensive but good choices locally, or you can opt to stay at another local hotel such as the Hotel Solo, also in Sukhumvit Soi 2 Students are responsible for paying their own accommodation and extra food expenses, as well as any additional miscellaneous items incurred. (For Bali programs, please email direct to Asia Butler Academy.)


Q. How do I get to Bangkok?

Usually flying into Suvarnabhumi is the easiest airport, then you can take a 40 minute taxi ride and a to the hotel, or you can jump on the BTS at the airport and go to Ploenchit station.


Q. Are there any qualifications I need or is there a criteria for entry to this program?

A. Basic school leavers certificate, English language and any tertiary qualifications are usually expected. No hotel experience is necessary but, again, very useful. In order to greater increase your chances of finding work, it is highly recommended that you follow a recognized training course for example one from the Asia Butler Academy


Q. How long will it take me to find a position?

A. The hotel and resort industry is a very resilient one and therefore there is always a demand for high quality service staff. Much of when you find work depends on a number of factors from your experience to qualifications and how well presented you are, and having a good CV. Usually, hotels and clients are aware of our programs and often show a keen interest to receive CV’s both in Thailand, Bali and around the world, particularly in Asia. We do try and assist our students wherever possible.


Q. What should my salary expectations be?

A. Most butler salaries are on a sliding scale according to experience, therefore if you are entry level then you can expect to be at the lower end. Experience is key with regard to advancement and current salary expectations You can expect to be paid monthly and sometimes without any additional monies for overtime.


Q. I have been told to expect to work long hours, how realistic is that?

A. Working as part of a hotel team is one which demands hard work; sometimes you can expect to stay up late until the last guest retires and then to be up early to prepare for breakfast. When VIP guests are in house you will be required to work every day and obviously you will be away from friends and family. However, it is a wonderful job and you can expect not just financial satisfaction but a lot of personal satisfaction in doing a job really well.


Q. Is there a dress code when attending the programs?

A. Yes, as a professional training company we do have a dress code, that suggests and recommends that you wear smart white shirt and black/navy trousers, or similar smart attire such as a business suit. As we have consultant trainers coming into the program for certain topics, such as a Wine Sommelier, and also from time to Hotel Management who occasionally visit our programs, we do prefer that our students always look good and well-presented. In hot climates we suggest light weight smart clothes.

Q. What about lunches, are they included?

A. The 7 Star Service for Butlers program includes a superb buffet lunch every day, additionally morning coffee and afternoon tea are offered and included in the cost of the program.

Q. Do I get a certificate and is it given straightaway?

A. Yes, all programs are certificate programs, we endeavour to present all certificates at the end of each program. Each certificate is also available as a digital certificate for purposes of emailing to prospective employers.

Q. Will I have fun and learn lots on the programs?

A. Absolutely, Principal trainer, Josephine Ive, is well-known for her fun, easy-to-follow, but immensely professional and knowledgeable approach ensures all students are valued, it is our students’ success that ensures everyone’s success!

Let us know if you have more questions, we are just on the end of an email…..