Asia Butler Academy 

   7 Star Service for butlers - not just a formula, a feeling. 

Private Study for 7 Star Butler Service

Private Study through Magnums Butlers is an opportunity to enjoy learning with the flexibility of studying where you like, in your own time, to suite your lifestyle. You can study core components included in our Butler/Valet training program. It is also a very cost effective style of gaining a certificate that will assist you with future employment

Every step is designed to maximise your skills and assist you towards accomplishment. Each module contains assignments for submission to the instructors. Assignments are marked and assessed. We also give you the opportunity to be mentored. Every module is another step closer to realising your ambition to be a more professional butler. At the end of the full program, you are granted a well-recognised Magnums Butlers certificate based on your completion of assignments, throughout the program.